Budget Friendly Decor for a Small Living room

A small living room doesn’t have to be boring or dull. You can turn a small space into an amazingly creative and cosy spot.  We have a few fantastic tips to show you that are super budget friendly decor.

There are several simple and inexpensive decorations options to optimize your space, making it comfortable and practical. You can combine coverings, colours and material, such as quirky blinds or pillows.

We gathered a few models of furniture and decorations objects for you to get inspired without spending a lot of money.

# 1  –  Be creative

If you are on a friendly budget decor hunting, you must use your creativity.
Purchase key item with bold colours, such as pillows, things to decorate the coffee table or frames.
You can also paint one of the walls to highlight the furniture. Check our DIY wall for inspiration.
Lighting plays a significant role, invest in quality spots or chandeliers.
Always try to match the colour, opt for neutral furniture and colourful accessories.

When decorating your living room on a friendly budget decor, you should buy sofas and rugs with a neutral colour to enhance the ambience and also it will be much cheaper and easy to change it.
Place bold, vibrant coloured pillows on the upholstery.


Budget friendly decor

Budget friendly decor

# 2  – Pay attention to the space 

When decorating a room on a budget friendly decor, you need to rationalise the space so as not to hinder the movement of people within the environment.
Avoid dark tone colours or upholstery with busy prints, make the most of the space you have by using shelves and straight lines furniture.
Go for practicality when choosing to facilitate accommodations close to the corners.
Avoid using a lot of decorative objects as it can overwhelm the environment; plants are a very fresh and charming look.


Budget friendly decor

Budget Friendly Decor


# 3  – Use plants in the living room

There are several ways to make a budget friendly decor charming with a lot of personality so before you buy decorative pieces, make a small project mapping all the space you have available. If you go for small minimal furniture, make sure you use plenty of accessories such as paintings, lampshades, shawls, plants, cachepots and vases, and items for decoration, if you instead go for statement furniture use minimal decor.


Budget Friendly Decor