A small room can be tricky to decorate, but we gathered amazing tips to transform your little room into a magazine-worthy space!

Small rooms are increasingly common in new homes and apartments. If you have a bedroom like this at home, don’t worry. The good news is that some simple decorating tricks will make it look more practical and a lot bigger. Get to know our top tips on how to decorate a small bedroom.

# 1  –  Go white

Light colours tend to make space look bigger, even if only visually. In a small single room, white is the easiest and most obvious colour to apply, but you can also bet on a palette of light colours on the walls and bedding, as well as large accessories such as carpets and curtains for the bedroom.


decorate a small bedroom


# 2  – Use a lot of shelves

If the room is small, the walls are your allies! Enjoy any space you can get by betting on a small desk and bedroom shelves. In theory, any wall will do, but if you install the rack on the wall behind the bed, you will achieve an excellent effect on your bedroom decor that may dispense with the need for a headboard, which would take up even more space.


how to decorate a small room


# 3  – Use mirrors

It may seem like an old and used tip used all around the house, but the truth is that the use of the mirrors manages to give a better-looking aspect to the decoration of the bedroom. Also, the mirror reflects the space giving the impression that it’s bigger.


how to decorate a small bedroom


# 4 –  Less is more when decorating a small bedroom

Be careful not to make the space even smaller by placing lots of furniture and accessories. When decorating a small bedroom, give priority to essential furniture and preferably the ones that have more than one function, such as a chest that also serves as a pouffe or a headboard that already has shelves incorporated and lighting.

You can also put a modular wardrobe in the room to optimize your space and make it more organised and cosy.


how to decorate a small room


# 5 –  Go low

Low furniture gives a feeling of spaciousness.
A trick used by decorating professionals in small rooms is to keep the height of the furniture low, and the feeling of a big room increases!


how to decorate a small room